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UK Number Plate Auctions
DVLA Auctions  - The DVLA holds several auctions a year of the more distinctive and appealing registrations, of previously un-issued numbers from Government stock.
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ebay - The Cherished Numbers section on ebay displays many registrations for sale. Registrations are auctioned by ebay users, with each auction lasting between 1 and 10 days. Although, some numbers are availiable for immediate purchase!

Auction News
New DVLA Auction High! - 25O.

The UK record for the highest price paid for a registration at a DVLA Auction now belongs to the registration 25 O which has just sold for a hammer price of £400,000! (£518,480 inc fees!)
Nov 14
X1 - New Record!

Regtransfers sell X 1 in auction for a new UK record high of £650,000! ...but it looks like the buyer did not complete the sale as a few weeks later it sold for just £502,500.
Oct 12/ ...Nov12!
New DVLA Auction High! - 1D.
& also 'O' series continues with 2O.

A new record for the highest price achieved for a registration sold at auction by the DVLA, has gone to the registration 1D for the hammer price of £285,000 (£352,411.25 inc VAT (at the lower rate of 15%) and fees). This plate had the highest reserve for any number ever sold at the DVLA auctions of £20,000.

The sale also saw 2O being auctioned off for £115,000 (£145,339.37 inc VAT (at the lower rate of 15%) and fees). This was the second plate in the 'O' series to be sold and the registrations, 3O, 4O, 5O, and 6O are expected to be sold at each of the next auctions taking place this year.
Mar 09
MN1 - Manx Number Plates!

The registration MN1 which was the first registration issued on the Isle of Man on 1st of January 1906, has just been sold at auction for £100,000.

The sale took place at the Mount Murray Hotel and Country Club, in Santon, on the Isle of Man, and the registration was sold to an unknown bidder.

It was originally issued to George Drinkwater of Braddan for his steam powered car.
Feb 09
1O & 1HRH - Credit Crunch!

Although DVLA bosses were confident the number plate 1HRH would fetch more than the current record of £254,000 paid in 2008 for 51NGH, it failed to do so! Credit Crunch?

1HRH Sold for a hammer price of just £92,000 (£113,815 inc VAT (at the lower rate of 15%) and fees).

1O - A very rare combination of just one letter with a number one, was also up for grabs, this fetched a much more respectable price of £170,000 (£210,242.50 inc VAT (at the lower rate of 15%) and fees).
Jan 09
S1 - Edinburgh Plate!

Edinburgh's first Registration, Originally issued in 1903 has just sold at Auction at the 2008 Goodwood Festival for the total price of £404,062.50, Wow!
Sep 08
1 - New World Record Price of £7million!

Early reports are the United Arab Emirates Registration containing just the single digit number 1 has now achieved the new world record price of around the £7,000,000 mark! Doubling the previous record set when the single digit 5 was sold (also in Abu Dhabi). This will go straight into the record books as The World's Most Expensive Number Plate & it may be a while before anything beats this one!

Feb 08

F1 - Essex's First Number.

The Registration Number F1 has now been sold by Essex Council after the previous failed attempt a couple of years back (when they sold the reverse combination of 1F).

F1 has now taken the lead as the UK's most expensive vehicle registration, selling privately for £375,000 plus VAT (£440,625).

The new owner is a delighted Afzal Kahn from Bradford, a custom car automotive designer and business tycoon, who has had the registration transferred onto his slightly cheaper Mercedes-Benz Mclaren SLR (as you do!). It was transferred off Essex Council's Volvo S80 used by the council chairman.

Mr Khan is a keen Formula 1 fan, who is looking forward to placing the registration on his soon to be launched Range Rover Cosworth.

The proceeds from the sale are going to charity.

Jan 08

5 - The World's Most Expensive Number Plate.

A New World Record for a number plate has been achieved at an Abu Dhabi number plate auction.

The number plate 5 fetched Dh25.2 million (around 3.4 million ponds!), becoming the world’s most expensive number plate ever!

The highest bid was made by Talal Al Khoury, an Abu Dhabi-based businessman.

This was the first auction to be held in Abu Dhabi, so more record breaking prices could be on their way!

May 07

M1 - The World's Most Expensive Number Plate.

The Registration Number M1 fetched a new world record price of £331,500 when it was sold at Auction at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2006. It was sold to an anonymous phone bidder, believed to be a Cheshire businessman purchasing the plate as a present for his six year old son!

M1 was first issued in Cheshire in 1903, and therefore it seems the registration will remain in the North West.

M1 was previously owned by the National Trust and the proceeds from the sale will be used to help maintain the Tatton Park estate in Cheshire, a National Trust owned estate.

Although M1 was expected to fetch between £80,000 to £120,000, the actual price of £331,500 eclipses the previous world record of £285,000 paid for any registration, that was the amount paid by the Russian billionaire owner of Chelsea Football Club, Roman Abramovich, for the registration VIP1.
Jul 06

The DVLA's Most Expensive Number Plate! - 51 NGH

The record for the highest price ever achieved for a vehicle registration at the DVLA auctions is now just under £254,000 inc VAT and commission (£201,000 hammer price) for the vehicle registration number 51 NGH.

This registration was sold in the April 2006 auction, knocking K1 NGS off the top spot which it had held since DEC 1993 and which sold for the hammer price of £185,000. Obviously taking inflation and the fact that number plates are more highly sort after in today's market, K1 NGS would still be the more valuable of the two!

Even the better combination of S1 NGH was sold for less. S1 NGH sold for the hammer price of £86,000 back in November 1998.

Apr 06


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