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UK Number Plate Info Sites
Registration Numbers Club Registration Numbers Club - The independent nationwide club dedicated to the right to hold and transfer a cherished vehicle registration mark ... a right which has been in existence since 1903. Quartely RNC newsletter & annual number plate rally.
DVLA - The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency is the government body responsible for the issue and transfer of all registrations.
1903 And All That - Number Plate newsletter published quarterly.
Auction Spreadsheet - Gareth Hodge's Auction Spreadsheet. An incredibly useful guide to the previous DVLA Auctions.
Cherished registrations club - The UK's premier number plates club.
London Bus Routes - Regs - This page explores the meaning of registrations, examines the history of the system that came to an end in 2001, and provides a reference source for this system. A brief look at the new system is also included.
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