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Display of Registration Marks; Current Style (Vehicles Sept 2001 onwards)

VEHICLE REGISTRATION MARKS, must be displayed in accordance with the Road Vehicles Regulations 2001.

Character Font, Size & Spacing.

Font ('Charles Wright' , see above) Mandatory
Height 79mm
Width (except figure 1) 50mm
Stroke Width 14mm
Spacing 11mm
Group Spacing 33mm
Margins (minimum) 11mm
Space between vertical lines 19mm

It is an OFFENCE to alter, rearrange or misrepresent the letters or numbers for all number plates fitted to vehicle first registered after 1st September 2001.

OFFENDERS are liable to a maximum fine of 2000 or the loss of the registration (for serious and repeat offenders).

All plates must conform to the new British Standard (BS AU 145d). The characters must be black, and conform to the correct font, size and spacing, the background must be retro-reflecting material, white at the front and yellow at the rear, In addition all plates must now show the manufacturer name and postcode.

Plates must be fitted in a vertical position so that every character is cleary distinguishable.

There are seperate provisions for motor bicycles.


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