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Number Plate Photo's: Royal Car

State Car
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State Cars; 1939 open-top Buick McLaughlin S/N

In May 1939, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (The Queen Mother) were the first reigning British monarchs to visit Canada. For this historic occasion, two open-top Buick McLaughlin S/Nā€™s were hand built by General Motors. During the royal visit, both cars were transported by rail to the destination city in advance of the royal couple. One was used to carry out royal duties whilst the second was a stand-by.

In 1986, the same cars were used to transport Prince Charles and Princess Diana when they visited Vancouver to open Expo 86 ā€“ the 1986 World Exposition with a theme of transport and communication.

Then, in August 1994, The Queen, Prince Phillip and Prince Edward were carried in this car when they attended the opening and closing ceremonies of the 15th Commonwealth Games in Victoria, British Colombia.

When carrying members of the Royal Family these cars had no number plates - except the Royal Standard above the front windscreen. In 1986, the car did have a rear number plate ā€“ EXPO 86. Now on display at West Coast Railway Heritage Park in Squeamish, BC, it has a BRITISH Colombia VINTAGE plate.

Photo & info provided by Rob C (Europlate member)

State Car
Link to this page; royal-39.html Link to this photo; royal-39-02.jpg

State Cars; 1939 open-top Buick McLaughlin S/N with BRITISH Colombia VINTAGE plate 1939

Photo provided by Rob C (Europlate member)

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