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Number Plate Photo's: NMR5

Registration Number: NMR5 on Crossley Motor Car
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NMR5 (Trade Plates) on Crossley Motor Car

Shown here is an early 1900's G.I.M. (General Identification Mark) / Trade Plate) NMR·5 (N·MR·5 / NMR 5)

The N is the area code for Manchester, the plate itself was most likely owned by Crossley Motors in Manchester as the MR letters would have been the code for Manufacturer with 5 being a serial number.

This type of registration plate would allow unregistered cars to be driven as an open / rolling chassis as shown to the relevant bodyshop as many early cars had bodies designed/built/fitted seperately by local coach builders.

Photo shown is from circa 1910.

This car has since been registered with the actual road going registration NMR5 (Originally this would have been a much later 1956 normal Wiltshire 3-letter issue).

There may have been many reasons for this to happen including;
This may have been from a much later claim that this was the original number for the vehicle from this or other photos, even though it was of course not the case as only 1 and 2 letter plates were in issue at the time when the car was new.
The number may have been purchased as a cherished reg from the original 1956 or later car and assigned to the vehicle much later in this cars life.
The number may have been secured back in 1956 to assign to this vehicle.
The trade number may have simply been kept in use on the car from the beginning, although this is unlikely as a 3 letter plate would be unsual for everyday use and would result in extra police attention back then especially as the car aged being less likely to be travelling on such trade plates.
If the car was completely rebuilt at sometime in recent years it's possible a claim was put in for the number that was successful.

There may be many other ways such trade plates got onto a car over the years, including fraud, error, transfers, etc., many old race cars simply raced on the track with their trade plates, later becoming known by these registrations, but as this particular car seems to only appear on the DVLA from 2017 onwards, then maybe the car was exported when new and only just imported back to the UK never having had a UK registration or one for only a short period, or maybe it was simply here all the time but the original registration remains unknown, and somehow a claim for NMR 5 registration has succeded even though it is from the wrong time period.

Whatever happened though this does not detract from the car, as it is all part of the car's history, and so in fact adds to it.

If you have any info on this particular car / registration that may help provide any answers then please feel free to let us know.


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