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Diplomatic Number Plates
Diplomatic / Embassy Special Vanity Number Plates  Diplomatic, Embassy & International Organisation Number Plate Codes

Parking for Diplomatic Cars Only. RED ROUTE - No Stopping at any time Except diplomatic cars Diplomatic Car Parking.

The following is a list of special marks allocated to Diplomatic Embassy Heads in the UK.

These special Diplomatic Registrations have been taken from the normal series of marks, some of which are reinstated void marks from years earlier. Others outside of the normal sequence of issue, have used letters not normally issued in the UK registration system, and so contain I, Q or Z within them.

NZ1 was the first mark issued to the New Zealand High Commissioner in 1949.

NZ1 Car Number Plates

Most of the marks issued contain the number one. A few of the number plates, spell out the country in full, e.g. SPA1N (SPAIN) and FIJ1 (FIJI). Malaysia has gained the very special 1M registration.

SPA1N Car Number Plates FIJ1 Car Number Plates 1M Car Number Plates

All of these registrations have to stay with the diplomatic embassies to which they have been issued.

Some countries have missed out on what would be the best combination for them, as the better combinations have been issued in the normal series of marks and are still in use. e.g. Benin had to make do with RPB1 rather than the much more appropriate BEN1N (BENIN) registration.

BEN1N Car Number Plates

One Diplomatic Registration that does not conform to any of the normal UK series is(/was) (the rumored) EUR01 as this has a number beginning with a zero.

It is possible that Diplomatic Number Plates with preceding zero(s) may become the norm though, as the first sighting of REC001 (Royal Embassy of Cambodia) in 2016 seems to confirm!

REC001 Car Number Plates

There are also a few registrations out there that can easily be mistaken for diplomatic issues, such as D1PLO (DIPLO), PER51A (PERSIA), and RUS51A (RUSSIA). All of these are in fact DVLA personalised registrations issues, yet they look just as convincing!

D1PLO Car Number Plates PER51A Car Number Plates RUS51A Car Number Plates

Please send us any photos you have of Diplomatic Number Plates!

Diplomatic Registration Marks and their Embassy

ADE1 Car Number PlatesADE1S. Australia
1AFG Car Number Plates1AFGAfghanistan
1AGNova Scotia (Agent-Gen.)
ALB7Canada (Agent General of Canada)
ALG1A Car Number PlatesALG1AAlgeria
ANG2 Car Number PlatesANG2Angola
ANU1 Car Number PlatesANU1Antigua
1ARG Car Number Plates1ARGArgentina
AUS1 Car Number PlatesAUS1Australia
BAH1 Car Number PlatesBAH1Bahrain
1BCBr. Colombia
BDH1 Car Number PlatesBDH1Bangladesh
BDS1 Car Number PlatesBDS1Barbados
1BE Car Number Plates1BEBelgium
BEL12E Car Number PlatesBEL12EBelize
BF1Burkina Faso
BF2Burkina Faso
BG1 Car Number PlatesBG1Bulgaria
1BLS Car Number Plates1BLSBelarus
1BMS Car Number Plates1BMSBahamas
12BMS Car Number Plates12BMSBahamas
BNE1Australia (Brisbane)
BOL1 Car Number PlatesBOL1Bolivia
BOS1A Car Number PlatesBOS1ABosnia-Herzogovina
BOT1 Car Number PlatesBOT1Botswana
BRZ1 Car Number PlatesBRZ1Brazil
BUR1Burma to 1989 (Myanmar after 1989)
BUR6Burma to 1989 (Myanmar after 1989)
BUR1A Car Number PlatesBUR1ABurundi
1CAM Car Number Plates1CAMCameroon
CAN1 Car Number PlatesCAN1Canada
CDA2 Car Number PlatesCDA2Canada
CDR1 Car Number PlatesCDR1Congo, Democratic Republic
CEY1Ceylon to 1972 (Sri Lanka after 1972)
1CFCommonwealth Foundation
CHI1 Car Number PlatesCHI1Chile
CHN1 Car Number PlatesCHN1China
COL1 Car Number PlatesCOL1Colombia
1COS Car Number Plates1COSCosta Rica
CSG1 Car Number PlatesCSG1Commonwealth Secretary-General
1CY Car Number Plates1CYCyprus
1CZE Car Number Plates1CZECzechoslovakia to 1993
Czech Republic after 1993
DAH1Dahomey to 1975 (Republic of Benin after 1975)
1DAN Car Number Plates1DANDenmark
DOH1Qatar (Doha)
DOM500Dominican Republic
DOM1A Car Number PlatesDOM1ADominica
1ECEastern Caribbean
1ECU Car Number Plates1ECUEcuador
1EE Car Number Plates1EEEthiopia
ELS1 Car Number PlatesELS1El Salvador
1EST Car Number Plates1ESTEstonia
EGY1A Car Number PlatesEGY1AEgypt
FGN1 Car Number PlatesFGN1Nigeria
FGN1A Car Number PlatesFGN1ANigeria
FIJ1 Car Number PlatesFIJ1Fiji
FIN1 Car Number PlatesFIN1Finland
FRA1 Car Number PlatesFRA1France
1GAB Car Number Plates1GABGabon
1GAM Car Number Plates1GAMGambia
1GER Car Number Plates1GERGermany
1GHA Car Number Plates1GHAGhana
GHA4A Car Number PlatesGHA4AGhana
1GRC Car Number Plates1GRCGreece
1GRG Car Number Plates1GRGGeorgia
1GRN Car Number Plates1GRNGrenada
6UAT Car Number Plates6UATGuatemala
1GUT Car Number Plates1GUTGuatemala
GYA1 Car Number PlatesGYA1Guyana
HAT1A Car Number PlatesHAT1AHaiti
HKG1CHong Kong
1HRV Car Number Plates1HRVCroatia (Hrvatska)
HSL1 Car Number PlatesHSL1Sierra Leone
IC1 Car Number PlatesIC1Iceland
IND1 Car Number PlatesIND1India
Uniquely IRL1 has moved over to the Irish System, and is believed to have since become privately owned (although still on it's old car, as a non-transferable reg).
ITA1 Car Number PlatesITA1Italy
1JAM Car Number Plates1JAMJamaica
JPN1D Car Number PlatesJPN1DJapan
1KAZ Car Number Plates1KAZKazakstan
1KEN Car Number Plates1KENKenya
1KSN Car Number Plates1KSNKazakstan
1KUW Car Number Plates1KUWKuwait
1KYR Car Number Plates1KYRKyrgystan
LAT1A Car Number PlatesLAT1ALatvia
1LEB Car Number Plates1LEBLebanon
LEM1 Car Number PlatesLEM1Liberia
1LES Car Number Plates1LESLesotho
1LIB Car Number Plates1LIBLiberia
1LIT Car Number Plates1LITLithuania
1LUX Car Number Plates1LUXLuxembourg
1M Car Number Plates1MMalaysia
1MAG Car Number Plates1MAGHungary
1MAK Car Number Plates1MAKMacedonia
1MALMalagasy Republic to 1975 (Madagascar after 1975 - but no embassy code)
MAU1 Car Number PlatesMAU1Mauritius
1MCOInternational Marine Consultative Organisation
10MDA Car Number Plates10MDAMoldova
MEX1 Car Number PlatesMEX1Mexico
7MLD Car Number Plates7MLDMaldives
MLD1A Car Number PlatesMLD1AMoldova
1MLT Car Number Plates1MLTMalta
1MLW Car Number Plates1MLWMalawi
1MO Car Number Plates1MOInternational Maritime Organization
MOR1D Car Number PlatesMOR1DMorocco
1MOZ Car Number Plates1MOZMozambique
1MRN Car Number Plates1MRNMauritania
1MYN Car Number Plates1MYNMyanmar (replaces BUR1)
1NAM Car Number Plates1NAMNamibia
1NBD Car Number Plates1NBDBrunei
NEP1 Car Number PlatesNEP1Nepal
NIC1 Car Number PlatesNIC1Nicaragua
NL1 Car Number PlatesNL1Netherlands
NL2 Car Number PlatesNL2Netherlands
1NWY Car Number Plates1NWYNorway
NZ1 Car Number PlatesNZ1New Zealand
NZ2New Zealand
1OES Car Number Plates1OESAustria
OMA1N Car Number PlatesOMA1NOman
1PAK Car Number Plates1PAKPakistan
PAN1 Car Number PlatesPAN1Panama
1PDYPeople's Democratic Republic of Yemen
PE1 Car Number PlatesPE1Peru
1PER Car Number Plates1PERIran
PHI1 Car Number PlatesPHI1Philippines
1PNG Car Number Plates1PNGPapua New Guinea
1POL Car Number Plates1POLPoland
1POR Car Number Plates1PORPortugal
PRK1D Car Number PlatesPRK1DDemocratic People's Republic of Korea
1PY Car Number Plates1PYParaguay
QLD1 Car Number PlatesQLD1Queensland
QTR1 Car Number PlatesQTR1Qatar
QUE1 Car Number PlatesQUE1Quebec
1RCI Car Number Plates1RCICôte d'Ivoire
REC001 Car Number PlatesREC001Royal Embassy of Cambodia
RI1 Car Number PlatesRI1Indonesia
1RF Car Number Plates1RFRussia
RHO1Rhodesia to 1979 (Zimbabwe after 1979)
1RKFDominican Republic
1RL Car Number Plates1RLLebanon
RLE1 Car Number Plates RLE1Portugal (then Mayoral Car of Watford & Chairman of Three Rivers Council)
RLH1United States of America
1ROK Car Number Plates1ROKKorea Republic
ROM1 Car Number PlatesROM1Romania
1ROM Car Number Plates1ROMRomania
1ROU Car Number Plates1ROUUruguay
ROU3A Car Number PlatesROU3ARomania
1RSA Car Number Plates1RSASouth Africa
100RUS Car Number Plates100RUSRussia
1RUVBurkina Faso after 1984
1RUVRepublic of Upper Volta to 1984
RWA1A Car Number PlatesRWA1ARwanda
SA1 Car Number PlatesSA1South Africa
SAO1LSaudi Arabia (was spaced to read SA O1L)(!!!!)
1SCN Car Number Plates1SCNSt Kitts & Nevis
SEN1 Car Number PlatesSEN1Senegal
SEY1 Car Number PlatesSEY1Seychelles
SGP1 Car Number PlatesSGP1Singapore
1SL Car Number Plates1SLSri Lanka
1SLU Car Number Plates1SLUSt Lucia
SLO1A Car Number PlatesSLO1ASlovenia
SPA1N Car Number PlatesSPA1NSpain
SR1S Rhodesia
SUD1 Car Number PlatesSUD1Sudan
2SUD Car Number Plates2SUDSudan
1SVE Car Number Plates1SVESweden
2SVG Car Number Plates2SVGSt Vincent & The Grenadines
SVK1A Car Number PlatesSVK1ASlovakia
1SVN Car Number Plates1SVNSlovenia
1SZD Car Number Plates1SZDSwaziland
1TAN Car Number Plates1TANTanzania
TG1Unknown CD in London
THA11 Car Number PlatesTHA11Thailand
THA12 Car Number PlatesTHA12Thailand
1TOG Car Number Plates1TOGTogo
1TOJ Car Number Plates1TOJTajikistan
1TON Car Number Plates1TONTonga
1TT Car Number Plates1TTTrinidad and Tobago
TUN1 Car Number PlatesTUN1Tunisia
1TUR Car Number Plates1TURTurkmenistan
(prior to this 1 TUR = Turkey)
1TUR Car Number Plates1TURTurkey
(1 TUR since reallocated to Turkmenistan)
1UAE Car Number Plates1UAEUnited Arab Emirate
1UGA Car Number Plates1UGAUganda
UKR1 Car Number PlatesUKR1Ukraine
1URU Car Number Plates1URUUruguay
USA1 Car Number PlatesUSA1America
1UZB Car Number Plates1UZBUzbekistan
1VCN Car Number Plates1VCNVatican
1VEN Car Number Plates1VENVenezuela
VG1 Car Number PlatesVG1Victoria
1VNA Car Number Plates1VNAVietnam
WA1 Car Number PlatesWA1W. Australia
WEU1West European Union
1YEM Car Number Plates1YEMYemen
ZAI1Zaire to 1997 (Dem Rep of Congo after 1997)
ZAM1 Car Number PlatesZAM1Zambia
ZIM1 Car Number PlatesZIM1Zimbabwe

PINK/italics = no longer in use.

GREEN = reallocated.

Photo's provided by Raffles, R1CEY, Rob C, Nice-Reg, Stuart T,, Neil P, Zak N, S Graham & Max.

Many Thanks go to Raffles, Neil P, and Rob C for providing updates to the listing information.

Diplomatic Number Plates
Diplomatic / Embassy Special Vanity Number Plates  Diplomatic, Embassy & International Organisation Number Plate Codes

Number Plate Photos
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